More Geometry sketches

I really love the Geometry Daily blog. I’ve done a number of parametric/interactive copies of his posts that have somehow failed to make it up on to my blog. That changes now! Move the mouse to rotate the object and generally wig out.

The original is intriguing for its visual ambiguity. It could be an aerial representation of a field, a graphic rendering of a crystal or some abstract depiction of volumes. In one respect, the interactive version ties the form more tightly to a pyramid but the unexpected faceting raises more questions than it answers. If you stare at it long enough, some sense of it does begin to emerge – the rules underlying what it looks like and when appear to follow a reasonable pattern. What that form is, however sensible it might seem, is still a mystery to me!

This is made with points calculated in the Three.js canvas renderer and then constructed using my own 2D geometry library. For those interested, it’s a copy of 448: Forest Topography and I had a great time making it.

I’m actually pretty intrigued by the error-states as well – where the form of the pyramid doesn’t conform to the conditions that the rendering approach requires. The way that the shape is obviously 3D but doesn’t make total sense there is bizarre and pleasing to me. I hope you like it too!