Granularity and Getting down into the details

This is the first of a number of interactive geometry sketches in HTML5, using the beginning of a custom library I am building to support the sketches as I come up with ’em. Move the mouse/tap the screen to change what they do. Enjoy!

It has been a while! Our daughter is nine weeks old today, and I’ve definitely found my spare time has evaporated somewhat. It’s for a good cause, though.

I write this blog for a number of reasons, the chief of which is that I like to create things that are interesting. with that reduced time, though, I’ve had to be more modest with what I can achieve.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the micro-blogging site Tumblr. It seems like any interesting designs – particularly animated ones – do the rounds on there before surfacing in any more traditional venues that show them off. The medium makes it extremely easy for people to re-post work that they like, and the system keeps track of the original attribution really well. A huge number of young people do just that, posting images and stories that they identify closely with, while the small number of producers responsible for the work are given appropriate credit.

That credit is an amazing feedback mechanism. It allows creators to get a really clear picture of what people like, and how awareness and interest about something can move through a community. It’s important not to be a slave to popularity, but it’s really nice to see how people respond to what you do.

To that end, I’ve made a couple of modestly successful images on Tumblr – images that have been shared around a few hundred times each. What’s really inspiring, though, are the creators who have made dozens of images that have been shared many thousands of times. One such creator is Tilman, the guy behind Geometry daily. Check it out, it’s an amazing collection of work!

I love geometry too – in particular, I love interacting with geometry. So when I found my time pressed more than usual from new parenting demands, I decided to start a series of quick sketches of interactive geometry. Some based directly on images at Geometry Daily, some based on animations by Mr. Div and DVDP. It has been really entertaining so far, and I hope you like the result!