Picto salad

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Happy 2013!  We have been busy at Resn, as well as working on a couple of internal projects that we should be able to talk about soon. The work is amazing and I’m really looking forward to releasing it into the wild.

This is a random, automatic doodle that is based on the doodles I used to draw on graph paper back in school. I loved the geometric coherence that almost guaranteed you an interesting shape by just putting in random lines. I call it ‘picto salad’ after the phrase ‘word salad’, the random stringing-together of words that don’t make any sense but we still try to decipher the meaning from.

In fact, the most interesting part of this is what happens when you stare at it for a while. Your brain tries to make sense of the chaos, and pick out icons and figures that look like things. Sometimes I see the iconography for Olympic events, sometimes I see heavily stylized Chinese characters. It’s a fascinating insight into the dizzying field of lines and circles that must come from not yet being able to read and the first struggling attempts to make sense of it all.