Smiley generator

Usage: Click ‘random’ to get a new face, and if you want to control the parameters yourself, you can open the panel and change the settings. Click the save button to get a screenshot.

Update: If you like a face you  can copy a face preset to the clipboard and paste it as a comment!

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After BERG produced Schooloscope, I was really intrigued by the idea of Chernoff faces – the idea that because you can read a lot of subtlety in facial expressions, those expressions effectively encode a lot of data. I think that it would apply to other  images we have a lot of exposure to as well –  human outlines,  road signs, cars. One thing I like about this smiley-face  setting is that almost any output is cute. Another thing I noticed while making this was how much fun the animation between one state to another is. I’d like to explore that further by animating different speeds and visual / audio rhythms to encode things.

In the meantime, this is a smiley maker. I think it would be a lot of fun to set up a system where people can submit presets and name them, and view a gallery of all of the faces so far.  What do you think it should do? Let me know!



5 thoughts on “Smiley generator”

  1. eye width:67.14,eye height:33.35,eye separation:0,mouth Width:56.46,mouth Height:-61.01,stroke width:8.48,crease width:5.63,eye Y:-72.35000000000001,smile squareness %:189,Mouth Y offset:55.63,crease depth:11.69

  2. Nice! I’m also pretty pleased with the cat-like faces, such as:

    eye width:34.76,eye height:62.5,eye separation:31.17,mouth Width:73.7,mouth Height:-40.01,stroke width:8.05,crease width:10.28,eye Y:-39.02,smile squareness %:-100,Mouth Y offset:49.84,crease depth:-10.56

  3. Nice and simple

    eye width:47.38,eye height:55.980000000000004,eye separation:25.78,mouth Width:64.79,mouth Height:68.26,stroke width:9.07,crease width:32.54,eye Y:-64.41,smile squareness %:144.67000000000002,Mouth Y offset:4.3500000000000005,crease depth:8.59

  4. eye width:85.88,eye height:36.57,eye separation:13.030000000000001,mouth Width:83.47,mouth Height:-0.8200000000000001,stroke width:10.71,crease width:-40.800000000000004,eye Y:-61.480000000000004,smile squareness %:169.19,Mouth Y offset:3.75,crease depth:-93.71000000000001

    my lips are sealed…

  5. eye width:81.86,eye height:41.79,eye separation:24.03,mouth Width:59.92,mouth Height:-32.22,stroke width:7.46,crease width:70.39,eye Y:30.13,smile squareness %:-14.07,Mouth Y offset:95.72,crease depth:-56.37

    this is sad gut with glasses, moustaches and butterly tie

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