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July 12, 2012

Voronoi Sketches 1: Glitchfest

Filed under: canvas,doodles,html5,shape,vector — Brandel Zachernuk @ 1:47 pm

Aidan found a great canvas-based voronoi demo a while ago, and I had a great deal of fun messing with the parameters to create different visual effects. The first is ‘glitchy voronoi’ – There’s no interaction – just enjoy!

Sometimes it’s an uphill battle to get an interactive sketch working and interesting. The work I did on Opticks was a gruelling lesson on how important it is to have a firm understanding of math – not just how to do it, but what it is. Other times you can throw down a couple of lines of code and something is an instant masterpiece. It’s bewildering, but very pleasing. The doodling with this voronoi library has definitely been an experience of the second type.

It was easier for two reasons. The first relates to the transparency of Javascript as a language and the community around it. These days, Javascript is the only guaranteed way to make things work on the web, so everyone has to use it. Also, it’s nearly impossible to obscure the fuctionality of a script, so it’s easy to step through and get a sense of the strategies employed in creating something. All you have to do is look at the source. Even while feeling the pain of losing the additional power provided by the Flash player, the readiness of reference material is something I appreciate.

The second reason it was easier is just the cumulative effect of experience: once you’ve built enough stuff, even the process by which you create new stuff becomes more familiar. It’s great to know that after twelve years of programming there’s a lot that comes more easily! I have a lot more to learn but it’s nice to have reached this point.

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