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June 4, 2012

Realtime video Face Swap in Flash!

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Check out Face Swap! To use, either supply a photo or use the webcam. With one person you can control the flip options and with two faces it’ll try to swap them. Enjoy!

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So far this year has been all about faces for me. My first project at Resn was the FedEx Enchanted Forest website. On the site, you can plant a tree with your face on it. We pitched the idea of using facial detection to auto-align people’s faces, and to provide a first line of defence against people uploading inappropriate content. It was during this project that I had the idea and laid the groundwork for FaceSwap. The next project was Face Arcade, our entry in the Google Hangouts Hackathon. We used Google’s video chat plugin to make a suite of multiplayer games controlled by your face to what we hope are reasonably hilarious ends.

I only found out about the iPhone app ‘Face Juggle’ after getting half-way through the functionality, but I still like mine because of the single-user mode and the realtime aspect of it. After reading about Paul Neave’s staggeringly popular ‘webcamtoy’ I’m going to continue working on social connectivity too. If anyone has ideas on the right way to do that I’d love to hear!

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