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January 31, 2012

Logic for the shelf designer

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This system builds the parts for any shelf with the supplied parameters. Use the sliders on the panel to change the parameters and modify the parts. It’ll draw the number of pieces required by the design. Enjoy!

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I’m really pleased with how Housifier’s behaviour is working out. It’s tremendously satisfying to see the parts that will obviously fit together to make a working object. Something I read recently made me think that I won’t want to include such a prominent view of the pieces at all. After reading James Bridle’s post on the fact that book publishers are promoting the wrong things, I realized I was promoting the wrong things, too. It’s nice for end users to know that the engineering logic exists, and they may even feel clever for being able to make sense of the pattern. Ultimately, though, they’re more invested in what it’ll be like to have a shelf in their house, what they could put in it and what it’ll look like on their desk. I made a quick model of a bedroom scene to place a shelf in. It definitely proves the point.

Even without filling up the scene with much detail, the mock-up makes the point of the system clear. You can imagine what it’d be like to have it in your hands as a final product. Imagine if you could resize the shelf while it’s on a desk, and put the junk on the table into the cubbyholes. You could even place the simulated shelf in a picture of your real room to see how it fit in with your décor. The prospect of being able to make an app like that is thrilling, but also means starting again with the interface!

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