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December 18, 2009

First-Person Snake!

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Finally finished the work that had built up over my time in Qatar!  After making the Buffer-snake game I started wondering about what else you can change about the basic game mechanic – if you followed the snake head,  or pivoted with it as though you were playing from something more like a first-person perspective.

The following is the outcome:  Make sure you click inside the window to get it started, the keys are as follows:

Q: Toggles making the camera turn with the snake, so the head is always pointing down.

W: Toggles moving with the snake, so the head is always center screen.

E: Toggle turn amount (90º or continuous)

R: Get points (increase length)

Arrow Keys: Turn snake.  In continuous-turn mode, or in rotate-with-snake mode, left and right turn CCW and CW,  and in right-angle,  non-rotate mode, the arrow keys behave like a normal snake game.

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What do you think of it?  How do the changes in presentation affect your feelings on the game?  Any reactions would be most welcome.

Personally, I’m pretty impressed by how different a follow-mode snake feels.  You could imagine navigating a much wider world, or even a looping one where subtle differences creep in over time. Making the game focused on the player (rather than the level) makes me think of it as a much more character- or story-focused environment.

I was also very surprised by just how sickening the motion is in first-person mode.  After messing around with it for about three hours today,  I think I’m going to need a lie-down.

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