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October 23, 2009

Cached particle field

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Long time no post, I have been (and still am) on-site on a contract job, and haven’t had a lot of time outside of work.  Nevertheless, I have been doing some interesting things!  Here is one of them – a test of the practicality for particle fields to be drawn from cached BitmapDatas, rather than generated per-frame.  It’s not fast,  but it’s much faster than the alternative:

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In case you’re wondering what is going wrong, this is what happens when the pre-drawn circle bitmap isn’t offset appropriately.  To see it working properly, click the flash file and just hold down any key for the shapes to make proper circles.  Releasing again will revert to the crazy, checkerboard-like state.

The project I’m working on is very exciting, and should be ready for public unveiling in 3 weeks or so.  In the meantime, I can happily say that video uploads and downloads with Red5 and a basic apache HTTP install are far, far easier than I had ever hoped. Thank you to both project teams for being so awesome!

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